Overview of the Programs

The PPM implements its programs through the following five KEY FUNCTIONS.

  1. Human Rights program
  2. Peace Building Program
  3. Youth Development Program
  4. Research and Advocacy Program
  5. Humanitarian and Development Program

Human Rights Training

The Human Rights program aims at empowering young individuals and community leaders to promote human rights in their society and encouraging them to take a critical analysis of their own rights. The Human rights Training program promotes values, beliefs and attitudes that encourage all individuals to uphold their own rights and those of others. It develops an understanding of everyone's common responsibility to make human rights a reality in their community. This program is an organized effort to transfer the knowledge and develop the skills and attitudes that encourage behavior to promote and protect human rights.

In addition, Our Human Rights trainings educate participants on the history of human rights, introduction to human rights, basic concepts of international human rights laws and core treaties. During the training, participants are encouraged to actively debate and discuss the complexities of human rights and how it fits in the context of Myanmar. This program is designed for youths, university students, human rights activists, NGO members, and anyone else with an interest in human rights offered quarterly.

Human Rights Documentation

In Myanmar, we document human rights violations and acts of violence against marginalized communities. We use our findings and research findings to advocate at the local and international levels to help protect the rights of marginalized communities as well as to improve human rights across in Myanmar.

Human Rights Advocacy training

We conduct advocacy at the local level and Union government level in Myanmar to help protect the rights and enhance the status of marginalized communities. We do advocacy based on our documentations and research findings. Our advocacy strategy includes through publications, campaigning, and advocating in person from grass root level to national level. We also engage with international communities to improve human rights across Myanmar.

We also offer Advocacy training for the minority communities. This program is designed for minority youths, university students, human rights activists, local CSO leaders, NGO members, and anyone else with an interest in human rights offered quarterly.

The program aims to increase the capacity of minority youth and women to advocate for their rights under national law and international human rights laws. This program is specially design for the minority youth, human rights activists and community leaders from the conflict-affected areas in order to be able to advocate for their rights. This training covers basic concept of human rights, human rights documentation, human rights advocacy strategy.

The expected result of the program is participants themselves can become a citizen journalist and human rights advocate for themselves and for their communities as well. This training will also become a channel for minority people to build their capacity and to promote and protect their rights in their daily rights. This training will provide insightful ways how to defends and advocate for their rights. This training will support them to get to know their rights and to become a human rights advocate. This training is design for a 3- half day training, enrolling with 20 participants especially with minority youths, women and community leaders across Myanmar.