Where we work

Geographic coverage

PPM operates programs mainly in Yangon and Rakhine State, while some of the PPM’s programs bring diverse young people across Myanmar. PPM's Yangon programs engage diverse youth with the aim of youth empowerment and producing emerging leaders across Myanmar. PPM’ Rakhine State programs aim at building upon a foundation of constructive engagement among conflict-affected key stakeholders and communities in Rakhine state. PPM’s activities engage diverse young people, activists, community leaders, CSO leaders, and religious leaders from Rakhine state, Yangon, and across Myanmar.

Target beneficiaries

PPM’s activities engage diverse target groups including young people, university students, activists, community leaders, religious leaders, decision-makers, across Myanmar and other international key actors.

Our primary target communities for Rakhine programs are ethnic minority groups include Rohingya, Kaman Muslim, Khami, Maramagyi, Daingnet, Mro, Hindu, and Chin from Rakhine State. However, our Yangon programs bring people from different backgrounds.

The Staff from PPM, local partners, as well as the program's participants, are direct beneficiaries. The indirect beneficiaries will be the other community members living in these communities.